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​Shelley Weiss Cohen, M.A., PCC, CWA                                           Shelley1.jpg

Midlife Mastery Coach


For many, midlife is a time of significant change and transition marked by unique opportunities and challenges.

As a Midlife Mastery Coach, I specialize in helping people in their forties, fifties, sixties and beyond, redesign their personal and professional lives.

I help them move beyond merely coping with or surviving midlife struggles to thriving during this extraordinary stage in their lives.

I can help you master...

 Career Direction:

  • Doing what you love...finally!
  • Reinventing yourself in an existing career
  • Handling workplace issues and challenges


  • Relationships...fine-tuning, reconnecting, setting healthy boundaries
  • Busy Boomer...organizing/balancing a full life, managing time more effectively
  • Keeping it Simple...creating a lifestyle that reflects who you are today
  • Health and Wellness...staying strong and healthy in a changing body

 Midlife Transitions:

  • Going Solo...whether by choice or chance, how to live joyfully on your own or mindfully reconnect
  • Empty beyond parenting
  • Sandwich Generation...balancing the needs of aging parents, children, spouses/ significant others
  • Planning an engaging and satisfying retirement
  • Finding answers to that all important question...What's next?
  • Accepting what is...learning to love the face in the mirror and celebrate the hard-won wisdom of your life journey

Do you view midlife as a new beginning?

Are you ready to make important changes in your life?

Now is the time!

Contact me for a complimentary consultation.

Shelley Weiss Cohen  ~  847-784-1184

Anything is​ Midlife and Beyond


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"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

                                                                                                                              ~Mary Oliver 









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